global-eYes.corporation's 4C Value

global-eYes.corporation is devoted to bringing unique food related business ideas and products from around the world to Japan.

global-eYes.corporation's 4Cs of value ensures the highest level of customer service and exceptional results. Our practical advice has been developed to create strong and lasting relationships between Japanese buyers and International sellers of unique products. We strive to create lasting bonds by matching buyers and sellers who share a passion and dedication for the products they deal with.

global-eYes.corporation's 4C Value

Customer Value

The value global-eYes.corporation offers clients is our extensive experience importing food products into Japan. We completely understand how to modify products to suit the tastes of Japanese consumers. Just as important we understand how to work with Japan’s arduous import regulations and are able to advise you on how to get your products into Japan in the most efficient way.


Getting your products into Japan can be extremely complicated, time consuming and expensive. We understand all importation regulations and are able to advise on these regulations to ensure that when your products reach Japan they pass through custom clearance without delay.

Client Cost

Distribution channels in Japan are complex and expensive. For new market entries distribution channels are slow and sometimes impossible to develop. With our top tier retail network, and distribution channels we are able to advise you on where your products will have the best opportunity to sell and how to get them into the most suitable retail stores. We will also provide you with realistic costs and revenue streams. The Japanese market offers enormous opportunity, but it requires a great deal of time and investment to build the right channels to get your product to the right consumers. global-eYes.corporation has these channels in place for our customers to leverage to their benefit.


Japanese buyers are very demanding and can be confusing to those new to the Japan market. Our international experience allows us to bridge culture and language to minimise confusion and frustration. We allow you to focus on building strong and lasting relationships, rather than having to spend undue time on trying to interpret what your Japanese clients are communicating to you. We can join your meetings in Japan or represent you in Japan thus saving you time and travel expenses.

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