global-eYes.corporation is devoted to bringing mouth-watering food related business ideas and products from around the world to Japan. Based in Vancouver Canada, with an established global network of suppliers, global-eYes.corporation offers practical advice and hands-on support on; product development, sales promotion and distribution to retail outlets in Japan. Tap into our understanding of the Japanese consumers' tastes and our knowledge of the latest retail trends and allow us to help you get your produces in the right retail outlets and to the right customers.

Japanese consumers are not just looking for fine products from cities like Paris, London and New York. They are looking for new and interesting products regardless of where they originate. What is most important to us is matching buyers, sellers and consumers who share a mutual passion for the products that global-eYes.corporation represents.

about Miki Takenaka

Miki Takenaka Miki has been importing fine foods and unique gifts from around the world to Japan for over 10 years. During this time Miki has been involved in all aspects of importing products to Japan, from product development, to customs clearance, to negotiating contracts with Japan’s largest retailers. Her years of experience offer exporters to Japan insight, understanding and results. Whether it is how to improve your quality control or how to modify your products for Japan, Miki offers tried and proven sensible advice.

When it comes to exporting your products to Japan Miki has experienced it all, she has sourced fine biscuits from a small manufacture in Northern France, held negotiations that ran into the early hours of the morning with factory foremen in rural China and provided guidance on ingredients not permitted in Japan. On many occasions the challenges of getting products to market in Japan have seemed overwhelming and almost impossible, yet Miki’s skills and perseverance have repeatedly delivered results for her clients. It is her strong communication skills and determination to find solutions where others give up, that set her apart from others who import to Japan.

Miki is constantly searching for new and exciting products to introduce to Japanese customers. It is global-eYes.corporation mission to find the world's best gift products made by artisans who are passionate about what they do and who want their products to be cherished by their customers. Miki wants to develop strong and lasting relationships between exporters and importers that share mutual goals and enjoy working together. She believes that ultimately this will deliver the best results for her customers.

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